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Young cassava leaves are also eaten, cooked in different ways in different regional cuisines such as gulai daun singkong (cassava leaves in spicy coconut milk), boiled with spices in urap (Javanese salad), and as the main ingredient in buntil  (Javanese vegetable rolls).

Cassava leaves are a good source of protein if supplemented with the amino acid methionine despite containing cyanide. They provide high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Half a cup of cooked cassava leaves would provide half of the daily Vitamin A needs of a young child. Vitamin A is needed for proper growth, healthy eyes and protection from disease. Cassava leaves also have a fair amount of dietary fiber.

Hence people should leave not cassava leaves but be encouraged to use this valuable food whenever it is available ……

This dish is so delicious to be eaten with steamed rice. The velvety texture of the leaves marries well with the thick coconut milk. The dish is really rich in flavor – that’s why don


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