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Pineapples are grown in tropical and sub-tropical locations, including the Philippines, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and various countries in Africa. While there are many varieties of pineapple, historically the principal variety was the Champaka pineapple, which is the traditional conical shaped pineapple with a light yellow flesh. The success of the premium pineapples,  which has enhanced taste, golden shell color, bright yellow flesh and higher vitamin C content has replaced the Champaka and other traditional pineapple varieties in popularity.

Its English name “pineapple” came from Spanish Explorers who said it looked like a pinecone. Pineapples are the world’s symbol for hospitality, and when presented to someone, it’s symbolic of saying, “You\'re Perfect".

Our pineapples are well selected and graded for best quality and customer satisfaction before being packaged with high quality cartons.




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